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The Challenges of Managing Remote Employees
March 16, 2020

Talent Retention during Great Resignation

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105176757 gettyimages 889570084

At the onset of the pandemic, the job market was full of uncertainty and mass layoffs: millions of people lost their jobs, and those lucky enough to remain employed remained put in their roles for survival. However, as we now turn towards recovery, workers in privileged positions who don’t live paycheck to paycheck are now finally moving on. Most in non-developed economies with the absence of social security and unemployment benefits cannot afford this luxury but may still be undergoing duress and pent-up frustration from the disruption caused by the pandemic.

High annual quit rates mean many workers are not satisfied with their job’s pay, benefits or working conditions. And that can be a huge waste of time and money for both companies and workers. Hiring and training workers is expensive. And searching for new jobs and switching jobs is physically and emotionally difficult for workers.

Research shows employers can minimize turnover by many different methods, such as by giving workers a sense of purpose, letting them work in self-directed teams and providing better benefits.

Take a moment to think about how well you treat your staff. Not financially, but how you support and care for them. Why do they get out of bed and come to work for you?

Looking after your team must become a high priority if you want your company to still be around in the future; your company is only as good as its people. Here are three core areas your company and leaders need to focus on to make your team members want to stay and be loyal to you.

  1. Recognize retention starts with recruiting
  2. Provide ongoing education and clear paths to advancement
  3. Stick with remote work options
  4. Engage your workers
  5. Be prepared for turnover


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