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The 4 Principles of Human Resources Management

Hr Management Principles

Hr Management Principles

One cannot build an entire organization or a department without having a few key functions, which play a crucial role in implementation. And just as anything else, even the HR department has a few regulations that should be, if not necessarily followed, at least consulted. Although many might argue that rules are made to be broken, we beg to differ – rules are made to be used as a direction. Therefore, today we shall dive into the main 4 principles of human resource management.


  • The commitment


In spite of the title, when we talk about commitment, we don’t talk about the HR’s per se, but how committed is an employee when it comes to his job and job duties.The purpose of the Human Resources Management is to fulfill their needs, by investing in their betterment through various training programs, performance evaluations, goal-setting activities and more. All of this to ensure their employees’ commitment.


  • Competence enhancement


Coming as support for Business Development, the HR department’s purpose is to ensure that the workforce is competent enough. In order to do this, they have to run a few evaluations, to see on-point what do they lack and how the gaps can be filled. Afterwards, together with the department manager, they work on providing training and orientation sessions for skill and knowledge improvement.


  • Conformity with the overall business


We mentioned in our previous article that one of the purposes of the HR manager is to align their strategy with the organization. Therefore, one of the main principles of human resources management is to conform to the overall strategy.
This means that if the company plans on expanding in a new country or city, HR’s duty is to focus on finding and recruiting the most talented workforce that can sustain the goals of the organizations.
By choosing a talented workforce, the organization will be capable of providing high-quality products, which will lead to its imminent growth. 


  • Cost management and resource allocation


It’s possible that the company’s going through a case where the budget is needed to some other departments than the Human Resources. This could become an issue, especially if the already allocated budget cannot sustain activities such as recruitment, training, development of the existing employees and the relationships.
However, among the principles of human resource management, we can also add the ability to make a clear budget from the start that should be sent to the management. Afterwards, the budget needs to be effectively used and supported by results.

Other principles of the Human Resources department that should be taken into account

  • Communication with all departments
  • Fair payment
  • Promote team spirit
  • Offering every individual equal opportunity for development
  • Treat every employer with respect

The human resources department is one of the most important pillars of a company, therefore it shouldn’t be neglected. However, in order to prosper and to help the organization as well, they need to have a clear, ethical guidelines.

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