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4 HR Trends to know about in 2020

Hr Trends

Hr Trends

Prior to this article, we mentioned about professionals need to keep learning, unlearning and relearning. This could mean both acquiring new skills or having a deeper understanding of what their field means, and it applies to HR specialists as well. And it’s imperative to do this, especially in a time where change is constant and technological advancement make plenty of knowledge obsolete. 

Now, since the new year is getting closer, let’s have a look over the predicted HR Trends of 2020. Spoiler alert: technology is on the list.


1. Analytics in HR become more important


One of the most noticeable HR Trends in 2020 is data – this time in the form of analytics. Apparently, for the past years, HR-based analytics do exist in companies, but unfortunately, they weren’t put to use – this year, this is about to change.

The purpose of analytics is to understand why some people don’t stick around and why some do. Knowing why they are discontent and how to manage it, HR Specialists can predict when they are most likely to leave and find solutions that can reduce the churn rate.

However, in order to have relevant analytics, one has to determine relevant metrics. Indeed, every organisation has a unique situation, yet resignation rates and staying for over a year in the company is the best place to start. Correlating with metrics such as pay increases and promotion wait time will give you a clearer idea on why they are leaving, and you will be able to craft a tailored retention employer time.


2. Tech-savviness is a must-have skill for HR Specialists


The technological landscape is changing constantly – today a new technology emerges and tomorrow it will become imperative to adopt. New tools, systems and infrastructures become available, making their way in all industries and trends, including the HR trends in 2020. 

Let’s see what technologies should HR Specialists embrace as well.


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Aside from the grand cliche of saving time, RPA will update your applicant tracking systems after a new hire. HR Specialists won’t have to do employee record by hand, RPA will do it for them. Also, since the purpose of technology is to make plenty of software interconnected, RPA will be able to double-check HR compliance as well.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


AI is also an HR trend in 2020, a buzzword and for good reasons – through AI, plenty of processes can be automated, from screening candidates, making HR operations run more smoothly to predicting when you should start running hiring campaigns to not have unfilled positions. Although AI advances constantly, it’s important to know that the available AI cannot do anything that’s not coded to do. 


  • Virtual Reality (VR) 


You know, the headset that lets you step into another reality – a very good gaming environment. However, the VR made its way into the HR trends of 2020 as well – it can be used for combat training, tank training and parachute training (The British Army did so), and it can also be used for the screening process for any other roles that need training.


3. New work values and trends


One of the most noticeable HR trends of 2020 is the shift in working values, desired by millennials. These are:

  • Flexibility 
  • Communication
  • CSR

Because of this paradigm shift, there is also a change in leadership – a more people-centered approach, where concepts such as self-management, empowerment, teamwork, agile process and intelligence get the spotlight. 

This goes hand in hand with the next HR trend: employee-focus .


4. Your employees matter


For the past decades, employees were considered more a cost than a benefit. Nowadays, however, this shifted – employers finally realised that their employees are the ones who get the first-hand experience on the company’s systems, services, products and structures. By pinpointing the flaws and strengths, employees can accelerate changes in a company.

Therefore, the focus will fall on the experience an employee has in the company, from the attracting talent, onboarding, performance and development to offboarding. By keeping employees engaged and fulfilling their needs for growth and development, they won’t need to leave for another company. Moreover, having a high retention rate will ease the recruitment process as well.


HR Trends 2020 – what to do next?


Just like a wave, HR trends will come and go. Some were already embraced, some were left out. Some companies were early adopters, some are late bloomers, whether because they are scared, lack knowledge or anything else.

The idea is that whenever a trend appears on the market, you shouldn’t jump straight into it. Change requires time and every organisation has its own DNA, and not everything fits. Therefore, don’t adopt mindlessly each HR trends of 2020, but take time to make a conscious decision about what path should your company follow.

What are your 2020 plans as an HR Specialist? IS growth one of them? Then enrol in our HR Management Essentials Course, where we talk about all the skills HR professionals need to have in the future.

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