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Learn, unlearn, relearn: the future skills every HR needs
November 26, 2019
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December 6, 2019

Why an HR Management course is beneficial for professionals

Hr Management Course

Hr Management Course

The ability to learn is one of the most desired skills for the future of work. But in a world where information is one click away and nobody guarantees for its quality, how can you make sure you are learning what you should learn? This is where workshops, MOOCs and courses come in – and today we’d like to talk about our HR management course. 

Why you should pursue into taking courses even if you are an HR professional?

You might be working as an HR professional for years already. You might have built an incredible department, a healthy company culture that made the whole business flourish. So why should you go the extra mile and take an HR management course? Doesn’t this mean you already know enough?

Yes, but not really, no.
Yes because you have plenty of knowledge and experience in the field and you have a deeper understanding of what’s happening around you, but then again no, because the world is evolving and there are plenty of new things to know and experiment. We talked in our previous article about what are the desired future skills for HR professionals.

So what should you do?

Go to the local library? Browse the Internet? Watch YouTube? Read WikiHow articles? Look on Google Scholar? 

Yes, you could do all of the above, yet there’s one issue that should be mentioned – that all of these require the most precious resource – time. Let’s be honest to ourselves – it’s a heavy burden to find relevant literature, and then to make time to ingest it and apply it. 

But fortunately, there’s an easier way – courses. They have a determined time, with distilled and useful information. And we have the right HR courses for you available. 

HR Management Essentials – a course from professionals for professionals

The course is organized by Green Umbrella HR, and it will take place in January 23rd and 24th in Bucharest.

The main scope of this course is to help HR managers and HR professionals who want to have a deeper understanding of their field. The HR management course will provide you with all the required information from various fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, communications – but all of them will be translated in a practical way. After you finish the course you will have the capacity to apply everything you learned in your work environment, thus ensuring that the company is flourishing and achieving the desired success through their employees.

HR management course: what will you learn

You will be taken through:

  • Strategic HR Planning & Staffing
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Learning and development
  • Performance management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Safety, health and wellness
  • Organisational climate
  • Basic of setting financial, strategic and operational budgeting

The thing is, indeed, the first reaction is to deny that a course that lasts for two days can teach you so much. But, truth to be told, when you plan on hosting such a course, you take plenty of time to find relevant information that can be applied. And then, you find a way to structure it to get the essential.

The purpose of HR Management Essentials course is to help HR managers and professionals to step out of their comfort zone and become a better version of themselves and to instil in them the idea that they should never stop learning.

More details about the agenda and tickets can be found here.

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