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November 21, 2019
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Learn, unlearn, relearn: the future skills every HR needs

Future Hr Skills

Future Hr Skills

The title comes as a tribute to Alvin Toffler’s famous quote: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” We could take it apart and analyze the impact and need for learning in a century that’s fast forward, but there are plenty of studies. However, today we want to talk about future skills that could be considered as the next HR key skills. 

With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, the demand for future skills shifts more into the humane field and less in the technical. The experts claim that with the rise of AI, plenty of processes will become automated and the only thing that won’t be able to be captured and put into algorithms is represented by the soft skills. However, it might be just a matter of time until that will be possible as well.

What’s interesting regarding required future skills is that in spite of the fact that most fields demand soft skills, apparently, the HR key skills include some technical needs as well. 


  • Digital Literacy

One of the most in-demand future skill for HRs is for them to familiarize with technology. HRs don’t need to skill only to automize most of their tasks in order to have more time for other issues. But also to have the ability to understand and exploit data, to make better decisions when it comes to supporting the business – from recruitment to helping employers grow.


  • Critical thinking


This phrase has become something similar to a buzzword, but it’s critical to admit that it is and will continue to become one of the top 10 future skills one HR professional has to has. To take it apart, critical thinking represents the capacity of analyzing and understanding something from an objective point of view, before issuing a judgement. It usually goes hand-in-hand with the open-mindedness.


  • Data Collection & Analysis


It could be corroborated with the aforementioned digital literacy skill. It could. But, the capability of collecting data and analyze it is a bit different and it’s one of the HR key skills of the future. In essence, data collection and analysis means having the ability to understand what’s going on with your employers, how to manage any type of issue and also to leverage the data for future recruitment.


  • Collaboration management


The HR department is considered to be the one department that communicates. However, most of the time this might not be happening because of various reasons, most of them involving time. Now, it’s highly important for HRs to achieve this future skill – the ability to communicate around the company constantly, not only when there are issues or something similar. This way they can take the company’s pulse much easier and can prevent any problems.


  • Financial acumen


We mentioned in our previous articles about how people represent the backbone of a business. Yet, another one of the future skills is this – understanding the strategic direction of the company and also understand the economic and social environment. Why? To be able to understand how to contribute to the company’s vision, mission and ultimately, financial success.


  • Flexibility


One HR key skills would be flexibility – which could be translated into becoming more curious, more enthusiastic about learning new ways and to try out new things. Eventually, even consulting with other departments about some internal affairs.

Some have the aforementioned future skills, some need to develop them. The bright side is that nowadays you can learn, you can grow. There are multiple opportunities from books, tutorials, MOOCs to courses.

Speaking of the latter, on January 23rd and 24th, Green Umbrella HR organizes a course titled HR Management Essentials. In spite of the title, the course is destined not only for those who aspire to be managers but also for those who want to develop themselves and get a better grip of what this field means. Moreover, it also teaches some of the required future skills.

Registrations are open and you can benefit from Early Bird tickets if you hurry up. Do you want to become your best HR version? Then you should register now

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