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Ethical Practices
in HR



We live in an era of cut throat competition and competition breeds enmity. This enmity reflects in business operations, code of conduct, therefore standards are required to govern how organizations go about their business operations, these standards are called ethics.

Human Resources Management, and particularly it’s OD (Organisational Development) function, deals with manpower planning and development related activities in an organization. Arguably it is that branch of management where ethics really matter, since it concerns human issues specially those of compensation, development, industrial relations and health and safety issues.

Therefore, the requirement of policies, procedures and processes that focus on having an ethical component, cannot be denied. HR ethics should take care of things like discrimination (sexual, religion, age etc), compensation, union and labor laws, whistle blowing, health and safety of the employees etc.

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Ethics programs benefit organisations by help laying down standards of behaviour and in clear communication. The benefits of ethics programs include decreased misconduct and additional defence to the organisation against complaints from the employees, when the latter perceives that the organisation is being unjust.

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HR Directors or HR Managers, people with responsibility for the HR function or any particular aspect of its management, Organisational Development Specialists, Employer Branding, Internal Communication, Marketing or anyone interested in improving the efficiency of HR Management in their organization and controlling its costs.


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